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Why use logistics management software to run your warehousing and distribution operations

Posted by Karen Hales on Oct 5, 2016 11:40:20 AM

Logistics management software simplifies delivery management, provides accuracy, convenience

Successful transportation and logistics companies today use robust technology platforms that automate several manual processes and integrate logistics, delivery, tracking, and reporting functions. The latest logistics management software provides transparency and accountability with comprehensive tools, including intelligent dispatching capabilities, user-friendly online order entry platforms, and fully visible package tracking technology. Automated route optimization and GPS tracking modules provide delivery companies route efficiency while barcode scanning and signature capture offer real-time delivery tracking and proof of delivery.

Logistics management software removes worry of managing deliveries

Mobile and web technologies connect the office to the field using dispatch software on mobile devices or downloaded directly to your drivers’ phones. Meanwhile web-based access capabilities offer customers a convenient online order entry platform that provides full visibility every step of the delivery process.

        Order management/entry system

Most courier and logistics companies use web-based order management and entry software that connects customers to their business 24/7.  Through this technology, customers can place pick-up orders, enter special instructions, get price quotes, and pay invoices online. With helpful reporting functions, customers can track and monitor their courier expenses and create and share reports.

       Delivery & Tracking Technology

Using a Wi-Fi communications system with today’s mobile technology, clients can track individual packages in real time and validate deliveries. Connected directly to the transportation service providers’ server, the customer is able to access the status and location of their delivery, viewing the same information as the dispatcher in the office. This capability is especially critical for organizations such as hospitals, labs, blood banks and biomedical services when timely delivery of specimens, medications and lab results can impact healthcare delivery.

The convenience and accuracy of online order management and tracking technology can help secure your customers’ loyalty. Fully integrated logistics management software provides customers added convenience, reduces time spent on managing deliveries, and provides electronic information that can be stored, searched and reported in a variety of formats.

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