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Weathering logistics after the storm

Posted by Jason Burns on Sep 28, 2017 10:34:19 AM
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QCS Logistics Delivering Now to Houston, Northeast Texas

The recent devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey to Houston and the surrounding areas is personal to the QCS family. We experienced this pain 12 years ago with Hurricane Katrina and were beyond blessed to receive donations and offers of help from around the country, but especially the city of Houston, where we temporarily set up a satellite office.

As the Houston region begins to face the rebuilding of its damaged infrastructure, homes and businesses, the storm’s vast impact on the supply chain is being realized. Both in the short and long term, transportation and supply chain services will be affected in numerous ways.

Depending on the storm’s impact to your area, your customer base, products and operations all may face great change. The availability of transportation services will decrease due to the massive amount of supplies and heavy equipment required to restock stores and businesses and rebuild homes, offices, municipal buildings and schools. Due to the huge demand, needed items and equipment most likely will not arrive when you want them to. Carrier capacity will be limited, and transportation costs will be higher.

QCS Logistics’ brokerage service can be a resource during these difficult times. Through our brokerage division, we are able to fulfill transportation needs nationwide, but especially within the Southeast and Southern United States. We also provide specialized transportation and logistics services, including scheduled and routed delivery, food and beverage transportation/refrigerated delivery, medical courier delivery, freight delivery and warehouse operations.

QCS Logistics Delivering to Houston and Northeast Texas

Already, QCS has been called on to deliver disaster supplies and emergency medicine stock to the area. Immediately after the storm we donated a vehicle and drivers to transport food donations from Second Harvest Food Bank in New Orleans to serve the community of Pasadena, Texas. We also answered the call to transport a medication shipment by NeoMed Inc., from New Orleans to Houston, allowing Texas Children’s Hospital and three other hospitals to continue serving babies in Neonatal Intensive Care until regular shipping channels are reinstated.

Another example of our ability to respond during this difficult time was when a client contacted us to deliver freight to over 50 locations in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama as their normal provider suspended operations due to Hurricane Harvey. This freight was extremely time sensitive and we were able to exceed our customer’s deadline as well as maintain their budget.

 We are grateful to play a small role in delivering some relief and providing service to those affected by this disaster, and we remain “Driven to Serve.”

If you have questions or need help managing your logistics operations please reach out to our Brokerage Division to see how we can assist.

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