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The Internet of Things Logistics Technology Improving Operations

Posted by Lindsay Adler on Sep 14, 2016 10:22:31 AM

IoT harnesses intelligence of billions of connected devices

Manufacturers and supply chain service providers have been putting sensors on things for ages, and now some have implemented the Internet of Things logistics technology to reduce costs and improve operations.

Over the past decades, the internet has shifted from a static repository of interlinked hypertext documents to a dynamic universe of networked humans, machines, and applications.  IoT encompasses a world where machines and objects are embedded with sensors and linked through wired and wireless networks via the Internet, allowing them to process data and interact in real-time with their surrounding environment.  It harnesses the intelligence of billions of sensors and connected devices that collect big data to make decisions.

The Internet of Things has unparalleled potential to impact the modern economy. Some analysts estimate the number of connected devices by 2020 around 20 billion connected devices (others estimate up to 100 billion), with the market for IoT reaching $11.1 trillion by 2025.  

Consumers are looking for new services and applications to enrich the way they live, work, travel, shop, and communicate.  Meanwhile, network operators, enterprises, utility providers, and businesses are looking to transform the way they interact with their customers, suppliers, and partners.

Logistics Technology Improves Speed, Accuracy

IoT has impacted the way goods are made, distributed and experienced. Connected, communicative logistics technologies are becoming increasingly common and are a key to remaining competitive.

Meanwhile, the cost of these technologies is much less expensive than in the past. From track and trace technologies that allow shippers, carriers and customers to know where a product is during the delivery process to bluetooth-enabled sensors that can monitor the temperature inside vehicles to ensure that perishable products are safe, IoT logistics technology is enabling the supply chain to improve the speed and accuracy of each order. Successful logistics suppliers harness the latest technologies to provide custom solutions to meet their clients' needs.

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