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Technology upgrade ensures faster delivery

Posted by Karen Hales on Sep 2, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Today’s mobile solutions allow transportation companies to focus on efficiency, transparency

QCS Logistics is in the process of upgrading to Nextstop Mobile, the new easy-to-use smartphone application for transportation and logistics companies from CXT Software. Nextstop Mobile is designed to allow customers fully transparent, real-time tracking of shipments and to increase driver productivity, accuracy and performance.

QCS drivers started migrating to the next generation mobile software app in early August, and most of the company’s drivers will be using Nextstop Mobile by the end of September. Nextstop Mobile is the first phase of CXT’s rollout of the Nextstop product suite, which will integrate all dispatch and delivery management functions into one complete platform.

Unlike previous mobile software that required specific “ruggedized” devices, Nextstop Mobile allows drivers to download the app and receive automatic updates directly on their personal devices from Google Play™ or the Apple® App Store℠.  The app was designed to provide the same user experience on iPhone, Android, Windows 8, or any other supported mobile platforms. 

Nextstop Mobile features include stop-level details, GPS tracking, signature capture, barcode scanning, real-time data transfer, and more. The app was designed to work seamlessly with CXT's existing X Dispatch mobile resource management tool as well as the next-generation Nextstop suite when it becomes available.


Nextstop Mobile provides QCS's customers greater visibility via real-time GPS tracking and integrated camera barcode scanning that lets users track and trace shipments via our online customer interface.

It also helps save drivers time by optimizing routes, reducing paperwork and reducing errors. The app gives straightforward verbal cues in each step of the delivery process, such as providing shipment notifications and alerting the driver when orders are canceled or when the barcode scan is complete. Nextstop Mobile has the ability to consolidate orders for a client with multiple deliveries, allowing the driver to complete multiple orders with one signature. The app also has introduced added intelligence to the sort function, allowing drivers to sort and search their “stop list” in a variety of ways to quickly view and expedite jobs on their list.

“We’re excited to be making this transition to Nextstop Mobile. There are many features that are intuitive to use that will make our drivers’ jobs easier and provide customers greater accuracy and reliability,” said QCS Operations Coordinator Danielle Ducote.

QCS continues to invest in the latest technology, allowing our customers fully transparent, real-time tracking of shipments — where they are and when they’ll arrive. 

Our ongoing capital investments in technology allow us to be an efficient and nimble regional transportation company and are an important reason QCS is one of the fastest-growing private companies in our region.

Read more about QCS’s use of CXT Software technology here, and click here to get a quote on your efficient courier services today.