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Reliable Medical Courier Service Requires Training, Technology

Posted by Karen Hales on Nov 8, 2017 10:43:25 AM

QCS Logistics a leading medical courier in New Orleans, Southeast Louisiana 

QCS Logistics (QCS) has been one of southeastern Louisiana's most vital providers of dependable medical courier service for more than 25 years. Professional medical couriers ensure that delivery of specimens, medical products, equipment and supplies is completed with the highest integrity—securely, on time, to the right location and at the right temperature. Watch our video on QCS Logistics' medical courier delivery service throughout Southeast Louisiana.

With a robust, highly trained network of drivers, QCS provides quality and innovative healthcare transportation solutions for numerous medical-related clients throughout the state, from New Orleans and Baton Rouge to Lafayette, Alexandria, Lake Charles and beyond.



Medical Courier Services

While many industries use courier services, hospitals, clinics, labs, blood banks, dialysis centers and pharmacies are critically dependent on third party medical couriers for reliable deliveries of medical products and supplies.

Medical courier services include emergency ASAP or STAT specimen pick-up/delivery service transporting clinical, environmental or medical specimens and medical supplies from health units, public or private clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and labs. QCS Logistics also provides patient home deliveries of critical medications and medical supplies with the assurance of strict confidentiality and professional and courteous service.

“At QCS, we understand that our medical courier work directly impacts decisions that doctors and medical professionals make and the care that patients receive,” said QCS President Jason Burns, Sr. “Our medical couriers take pride in the fact that they are delivering important, sometimes life-saving, medications and equipment to patients.”

Medical Courier Training

Quality medical courier service is achieved using highly trained medical couriers and the latest courier technology, contributing to greater precision, increased accuracy and reduced costs.

The QCS Logistics’ healthcare transportation service team is comprised of medical couriers who are compliant with OSHA, HIPAA, DOT, TSA and other key regulatory agencies.

Before becoming a QCS medical courier, drivers are required to:

- OSHA bloodborne pathogen certification

- HIPAA's medical specimen transportation certification

- Undergo criminal background check

- Random drug tests

Medical courier technology

Our technology-driven medical courier service connects healthcare facilities to streamline service requests between pharmacies, labs and clinics to guarantee the professional and reliable delivery of medical specimens, pharmaceuticals and supplies.

Medical courier deliveries are scanned and labeled to ensure real-time tracking of deliveries and maintain strict chain of custody. Integrated dispatch and courier technology helps plan and track deliveries in real time, allowing for full visibility of the package and allowing for quick re-routes as needed for STAT pick-ups. Barcode scanning ensures correct chain of custody and logging so the condition of items is consistently recorded.

“We’re dedicated to providing hands-on management and a whole support system, from dispatch to technology to training, to ensure our clients’ satisfaction,” Burns said.

To arrange a medical courier for your next medical pickup and delivery, contact us at 504-940-6262 or request a consultation QCS Logistics and find out more about the QCS Advantage.

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