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QCS fulfills region's medical courier needs

Posted by Karen Hales on Dec 25, 2015 2:00:00 PM

New Orleans courier company meets region's healthcare logistics needs

Medical courier services, along with many other healthcare needs, have changed significantly in New Orleans and its surrounding areas in the years since Hurricane Katrina. Many hospitals have changed ownership, consolidated or closed, while others, such as New Orleans East Hospital and the new LSU Medical Center, have opened in their place.

Naturally the demands on third-party service providers, including hospital logistics providers, have shifted. 

While many industries use courier services, certain industries are critically dependent on couriers for expedited same-day or less than 24-hour delivery on a daily basis. Medical couriers transport blood and other samples and deliver them to the lab or clinics.  Biomedical labs and analysis centers use couriers to retrieve and deliver medical specimens for testing and evaluation, pharmaceutical distributors use couriers to transport medications to hospitals and nursing homes, and blood and organ banks use couriers to deliver products to healthcare facilities.

The medical courier market demands delivery of correct samples and equipment on time, with reliable care. Improper or delayed delivery of some medical products can compromise the results and integrity of tests and may hinder the delivery of care to patients.

QCS ensures the integrity of medical samples by its use of up-to-date technology, ensuring correctly regulated temperature of specimens and samples. The technology utilized by our medical couriers includes GPS monitoring and tracking, as well as barcode scanning to correctly log chain of custody so the condition of items is consistently recorded. Most importantly, QCS’ medical couriers complete extensive training in proper handling of all materials and samples, including biohazards.

Even as the medical community and its demands have changed in the past decade, QCS Logistics has remained dedicated to continuing to provide professional, quality service wherever the need may be.

QCS Logistics has grown through the years by continuously adapting to meet the changing needs of our clients, from adding new technology, vehicles and training to new service lines such as warehousing and fulfillment capabilities. Whatever and wherever the need, we remain “Driven to Serve.”

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