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Managing resources and staff keys to success

Posted by Karen Hales on Jan 12, 2016 2:00:00 PM

When starting or operating a small business, managing resources and staff to meet the changing demands of your industry is a daily concern. Operating in the courier and logistics industry requires continuous flexing to ensure the company’s staffing, equipment and fleet management system is able to keep up with deliveries.

QCS Logistics was originally founded to serve the delivery needs of the local financial services industry but later expanded its services to other industries such as healthcare, payroll processors, and law firms. Beginning in 1984 with a fleet of only two cars, three drivers, and a great deal of hard work, QCS has become one of the largest courier services in the New Orleans Metro area.

QCS Vice President and General Manager Warmoth Guillaume believes what puts QCS above its competitors is its focus on service and having trained, courteous and professional staff who can identify efficiencies and solve problems. A key to the company’s growth is its commitment to providing the latest training and professional development for its drivers and staff to nurture employee retention and provide opportunities to grow within the company.

“When we see the potential in an individual and feel that person has the ability to grow with us, that’s what we’re looking for,” Guillaume said.

Growing within the ranks

Three QCS employees who have grown within the ranks of the company--Danielle Ducote, Brandon Smith, and Lavale Washington--now oversee important accounts and recruiting, training and compliance.

Ducote joined QCS eight years ago after working in dispatch at a competitor and processing for a local lab company. She started at QCS in 2008 as a hot shot delivery driver because the position gave her flexibility while she and her husband operated a family business while raising their children.

Through her tenure at QCS, Ducote took on various roles depending on where the need was, whether in administrative roles or managing dispatch. Eventually she became operations coordinator responsible for recruiting, training, compliance, and IT, as well as “all-around backup person--dispatcher, warehouse worker, driver,” she said.

Smith moonlighted as a courier for several years during the summers while he worked as a high school teacher and football coach during the school year. He joined the company full time in 2014, and was promoted last year to operations supervisor overseeing QCS’ medical delivery contract with Ochsner Health System.

Washington first worked with QCS as a driver, and then left for a time to work in the parking industry. He returned to QCS and took on the role of supervisor of the company’s fulfillment services. He was named the lead of QCS’s refrigerated delivery service with the beginning of its contract in 2014 with RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc.

‘Let’s Make it Happen’

One of the other strengths of a company committed to growing from within is that, eventually, everyone’s done everyone else’s job, said Smith, the operations supervisor overseeing medical delivery client Ochsner Health System.  “If my driver goes down and I have to run (the route), I’m going to do it,” he said.

Ducote said she enjoys the comradery at the family-owned company and the changing nature of the job. “It’s never the same day twice,” she said. “The customer comes in with a problem and your whole day has changed. You get used to hearing that around here: ‘Let’s make it happen.’” 

All three team members say this can-do attitude is part of what they like most about working for QCS.

Having worked for a larger company, Washington said he prefers the close-knit atmosphere and sense of family at QCS, as well as knowing that everyone has each other’s back. “I know they’ve stepped up for just about everybody,” he said of his employers. “It’s always, ‘What do you need? Do you need time off? Do you need additional support?’”

When he and his wife started a family, Washington said he didn’t work the day his son was born. But when he was needed the following day to help make a delivery, he didn’t hesitate. “I can’t let you down,” he recalls thinking. “‘You never let me down.’

“I know I can call anyone at any time of night and if I need something, they’re there to help. That’s real big for me--family,” Washington said. “We’re doing this for a team.”

Anyone can pick up and deliver a package, and today, with options such as Uber, there is more competition than ever before. We are proud of our 31-year history serving the Gulf South Region, and thank our customers for entrusting us with their delivery needs now and in the future.

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