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Major benefits of local courier companies

Posted by Karen Hales on Nov 29, 2017 1:39:28 PM

Couriers offer flexibility, accountability, personal service

Courier companies offer several benefits compared to other types of delivery services. Couriers specialize in fast deliveries of any size parcel or package and offer committed delivery times and individualized tracking.
There is no better way to impress clients than by being professional, on-time and dependable at all times. Experienced courier companies use professional, trained drivers with an emphasis on customer service, so you’ll get special attention to your deliveries that will create a favorable impression with your clients.

A benefit of using courier service is that the chain of custody is minimized. This means the number of people who will handle or touch your package from the time it leaves your hands until its final destination is fewer, with less chance of error.
benefits local courier companies_courier service New OrleansCourier services have the flexibility to provide the personalized service and customized solutions you need for your business. A local courier can provide service larger companies simply do not handle.

A courier service is often the best option to handle rush deliveries and is available when a critical delivery needs to be made after hours. 

Courier services are designed to be nimble, and they can adapt to special needs in order to handle out-of-the-ordinary requests to make sure delivery takes place in a timely fashion. This level of service is impossible for bigger companies to offer.
Couriers work with their customers and cater to their needs 24/7. Large delivery companies such as UPS and FedEx have strict hours of operation and aren’t able to give their customers precise estimated delivery times. Limitations such as how quickly they can make a delivery and what they will ship is another concern when using the service of a major deliverer.

In addition to the quick response of a hot-shot courier company, a professional local courier service incorporates real-time tracking technology so you know exactly where your package is during its travel. Through state-of-the-art courier technology, real-time order tracking as well as a responsive customer relations team, clients can keep track of their deliveries from dock to door.  
Safety and package integrity is a major priority of couriers. You don’t have to worry about your document or package being harmed when you utilize a courier service, as trained drivers are experienced in ensuring that your package is delivered the exact way it left your facility.
With couriers, you know your package is handled with care. Small local couriers don’t use massive warehouses with hundreds of employees to route and deliver your product or package.
Major delivery companies are very limited on the hours they can work, and what they are able to ship. Courier services deliver items national delivery companies might not accommodate and use tracking and delivery technology to ensure delivery of important items. They also offer service that is often guaranteed the same day or next day.

At the end of the day, courier companies care. In the eyes of couriers, it is not about the simple delivery from Point A to Point B. Couriers follow every little step to ensure that they not only provided prompt delivery but developed a relationship with their customer that they will both value for future deliveries.

A New Orleans courier company, QCS Logistics takes pride in the professionalism of its team members, who strive to please clients on each leg of the delivery.  Call 504-940-6262 or request a consultation QCS Logistics and how we can serve your customers, clients and stakeholders.

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