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Logistics' role in customer satisfaction

Posted by Harrison Cates on Oct 15, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Delivery, pickup and prompt transfer of goods are paramount in the logistics industry, but client relations and customer satisfaction go far beyond simply moving items in a timely fashion.

The art that is “logistics” is an integral and inescapable function of the supply chain. While logistics operates within the narrow domain of getting products delivered, it is often the factor most closely linked to customer satisfaction. For instance, if an auto parts superstore cannot keep its supply of popular car batteries stocked because the logistics provider can’t meet its deadlines, the store’s reputation suffers at the fault of the delivery company.


Flexibility is an important element in keeping a logistics company’s clients satisfied, whether servicing on-demand delivery orders, scheduled deliveries or managing a daily delivery route.

A client who needs after-hours or weekend pickup/delivery cannot have a functional working relationship with a logistics company with standard 9-to-5 operating hours. Likewise, if your company’s workflow or production suddenly changes your logistics’ needs, you will benefit from a logistics partner with the resources to confidently deliver to added routes, service alternate hours, operate different vehicles, and do whatever is necessary to meet your adjusted demands.


Reliable delivery amid unpredictability is the heart of logistics’ role in the supply chain.

As in any business, creating and maintaining a favorable impression among clients requires excellent communication and realistic expectations. In the logistics industry, clients need to know when a delivery service company can be available to pick up goods for transfer, how the items will be handled, how much time will be required for movement, and how much care will be exercised in its delivery. This applies as well to the confidentiality of sensitive items, such as bank or legal records.

Scheduled Delivery 

Today’s delivery service providers are more than merely couriers. With the speed and sophistication of technology replacing the need for much of traditional courier service, logistics service providers have expanded to fulfill the requirements of day-in and day-out scheduled delivery as well as managing on-demand delivery.


Readily available status updates fall under the umbrella of communication as well. Through real-time order tracking as well as a responsive customer relations team, clients can keep track of their deliveries from door to door.

State-of-the-art technology allows clients full visibility of their inventory in the warehouse as well.

Modern logistics providers such as QCS offer warehouse space and fulfillment service for scheduled or on-demand delivery of stocked items, especially prevalent in the fields of medical supplies and manufacturing, in which certain unpredictable usage patterns can cause the necessity of restocking “off schedule.”

Customer Service

The cherry on top is the courtesy of the associates interacting with your customer, from those taking orders to the drivers making the delivery, all of whom are representatives of the company.

QCS takes pride in the professionalism of its team members, who strive to please clients on each leg of the journey.

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