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How to evaluate a medical courier service to meet your objectives

Posted by Karen Hales on Mar 31, 2017 11:40:11 AM

A strategic partner will create customized solutions, give competitive advantage

Today, more and more health systems are moving from self-distribution to third party medical supply distribution companies to manage their logistics. With the rapidly changing nature of healthcare, knowing how to evaluate a potential courier to meet your company’s medical courier needs is an important step in running an efficient operation that allows you to focus on providing quality care.

Evaluating Medical Courier Service_key takeaways_QCS Logistics_New Orleans_Louisiana.pngSagenex Labs has partnered with QCS Logistics to provide medical courier services in Greater New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana for the past three years. A medical testing company based in Slidell, La., Sagenex is a full-service lab services provider for physicians, clinics and other facilities specializing in addiction treatment and pain management. As Sagenex’s network has grown, QCS has worked to expand and streamline its medical courier service to meet the company’s needs.

Sagenex requires daily pickups of medical specimens for lab processing from several locations throughout southeastern Louisiana, including New Orleans, the Northshore, Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

In order to provide a competitive service for clinicians needing lab results, each pickup by QCS is made after 9 p.m. and delivered to the Sagenex lab by 2 a.m. so that results are received the next morning by the providers. “QCS’s customized route solution creates a competitive advantage for us by allowing us to process labs and yield results faster,” said Schwanda Faciane, Sagenex Accessioning Supervisor.

QCS Logistics Custom Solutions

Delivering a level of service not offered by national delivery companies such as UPS or FedEx is one of the main selling points of a regional courier company. For deliveries in your area, choosing a local courier service is often the most efficient and economical route.

The individual service provided by a local medical courier can’t be matched by a large national firm such as FedEx, says QCS Vice President Jason Burns. With overnight service by a national delivery firm, the labs would not receive their specimens before 11 a.m. the next day. Instead Sagenex customers have lab results in hand when the clinic or office doors open first thing in the morning.

Small transportation service providers are able to customize their services to meet the specific needs of each client, unlike big-name carriers providing a one-size-fits-all service model. For Sagenex, QCS was able to exceed the company’s expectations creating a cost-effective, multi-route solution that fulfills Sagenex’s delivery schedule and also incorporates a temperature-control solution for frozen specimens. QCS also brokered several of the delivery routes to courier partners, yielding significant savings and efficiencies for its customer.

An experienced partner, QCS guides its clients in meeting the rapidly changing healthcare environment through transparent and ongoing performance review and evaluation that ensures accountability and directs streamlined service requests.

“We strive to meet our customers’ objectives of exceptional quality, cost containment, scalability, reporting and analysis, and enhanced technology,” Burns said.

Experienced Medical Courier Service

Founded in 1984 as an expedited courier service, QCS maintains a strong reputation as a capable and innovative courier provider and strategic partner of clients in the medical community and life sciences.

QCS Logistics has provided medical logistics solutions to hospitals, clinics, laboratories and medical offices in Greater New Orleans for more than 30 years. The company’s medical delivery drivers are trained in the critical field of medical specimen and supply delivery and undergo extensive training in proper specimen-handling procedures and HIPAA and OSHA requirements. QCS’s uniformed drivers also maintain strict documentation of pickup and delivery logs, GPS monitoring and barcode scanning technology to ensure the chain of custody.

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