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10 Reasons to Choose a Local Courier Service Over Big-Name Carriers

Posted by Karen Hales on Sep 29, 2016 4:25:21 PM

There are so many delivery options available to businesses and individuals today. In the rush of everyday life, often people don’t put much thought into how they want to deliver or receive a package but just choose the first name that comes to mind. For deliveries in your area, choosing a local courier service is often the most efficient and economical route, and unlike big-name carriers that increase their rates 3-4% per year every year, we focus on quality service at affordable prices. From flexibility to technology to integrated transportation services, we have highlighted 10 reasons why choosing a local courier service like QCS rather than a standard delivery company or big-name carrier is often the smarter choice.

10 Reasons to Choose a Local Courier Service

1.  Flexibility

Whether you have one envelope or pallets of items, a local courier shop can handle deliveries of any size, any time. Packages do not have to go to a centralized hub to be sorted and routed, so courier companies are able to meet unexpected changes such as change in delivery time or address at a moment’s notice.

2. 24/7 weekend & holiday dispatch, pickup and delivery

Not only can you change your delivery and pickup times to fit your schedule, but pickup and delivery are offered 24/7, nights and weekends−and even holidays when big-name companies often don’t deliver.

3. On-line Order Entry and Real-time delivery tracking

Fully integrated online order entry and job tracking software employed by many successful courier companies provides customers added convenience, reduces time spent managing deliveries, and provides electronic information that can be stored, searched and reported in a variety of formats.

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4. Handled with Care

A reputable delivery company treats your packages like they are our own. In most cases, clients' items are shipped dedicated, which means they aren't mixed with hundreds of other parcels while en route. Drivers are trained to pack items to ensure they are delivered safely, without damage, and often have specialized training such as medical courier training in proper specimen handling procedures and HIPAA and OSHA requirements.

5. Delivery AND assembly

Unlike standard carriers, many local courier service companies like QCS offer White Glove Services for those unique delivery needs. We will deliver your item to its designated room of choice, assemble it, and remove/dispose of any old items, too! 

6. Customize your delivery schedule

Because small carriers don’t have to send your packages to a regional hub to be sorted like big-names carriers, the only time your items are in transit is on their way to their final delivery destination. This means that we work on your schedule. We’re your resource when you need to schedule your packages to be delivered from Point A to B.

7. Advanced technology

The name of your driver, the route, exact location of your package, and time of receipt of your package are all accessible to QCS customers. Not to mention, customers can access detailed information such as how many files a client had to have delivered or which department of your business has been placing the most deliveries.  All of that information is just a click away, and available for the use of businesses or individuals.

8. Customer Service & Special Attention

Let's face it: receiving an item delivered by a courier makes an impression that your business deserves special delivery and is important to the sender. Couriers offer a level of customer service that big- name carriers simply do not. The great thing about smaller courier companies is that you can call 24/7 and speak to a living, breathing person. There will always be a dispatcher on call to handle all of your logistical needs, and we can handle issues whatever the time instead of only during standard office hours.

9. Custom Solutions

The transportation services industry has become more competitive, and that means your local courier company is always seeking creative and customized solutions to meet the needs in their market. Where do you turn when your business has an out-of-the-ordinary need, a tight deadline or not enough people or space to get the job done? At QCS Logistics “Let’s make it happen” is a daily mantra and guiding principle that makes us the logistics and transportation services provider who can help solve your problems when you are in a pinch. We've provided extra sets of hands to assemble and deliver everything from trade show goodie bags to food bank donations to basketball hoops, and provide warehousing long and short term for organizations outgrowing their space or needing a temporary place during build-out projects. Plus with a range of delivery options, you can offer an expansive range to your clients.

10.  Integrated Transportation Company

For same-day delivery of small packages and documents within your area, a local courier or messenger service is almost always the most efficient and economical choice. Does your company  send multiple types of shipments or also require warehousing and fulfillment?  An integrated transportation company in your area can handle all of your delivery needs.

So the next time you need a package delivered remember to keep QCS in mind. We pride ourselves on being an efficient, reliable and easily accessible partner to meet your pickup and delivery needs in the Gulf South region. Call (866) 985-0522 today to see how we can help you!

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